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Unexpected Quilts

  • Posted on August 13, 2012 at 4:50 pm


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I was pleasantly surprised by our local mall on Saturday. They have redone their motto to reflect quilting.  According to the information available inside the mall, Moorestown was founded by Quakers and has a rich quilting history.  I must have stood in the entry way for ten minutes on the way in and on the way out. It was so fun to see a wall dedicated to quilting. I think these unexpected payday loans pennsylvania encounters with quilts excite me the most. I took pictures of some of the stenciling and sayings painted on the wall of the entry way.

This runs the entire length of the walls on either side of the entry way. I know it is an eight point star. But, does anyone know it’s name?

I never thought of this but how true this statement is! We are creative recyclers cost loan low payday and some of the first recyclers.




There was also a beautiful T shirt quilt on display that was bordered with photographs taken in Moorestown through the years. If you live in the south Jersey area I suggest visiting the Moorestown Mall. They also have some nice shops including Sears, Spencer’s Gifts, Hot Topic, Boscov’s and many more.